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Sábado, 06 Junio 2020 19:57

How cells solve their identity crisis

Cancer is often the result of DNA mutations or problems with how cells divide, which can lead to cells 'forgetting' what type of cell they are or how to function properly. Scientists have now provided clarity into how new cells remember their identity after cell division. These memory mechanisms
Sábado, 06 Junio 2020 19:57

[fedetab] Problema con envío al correo

Buenas tardesNuevamente me comunico para hacerle saber que a pesar que veo mi anuncio publicado en la página del blog de Fedetab, no me llega el correo de mi anuncio. Es decir, el anuncio se publica en el blog, pero no es enviado al correo. Abajo adjunto imágenes que prueban lo que comento. Hace
Investigadores, los invitamos a conocer nuestros servicios de edición, traducción, diseño, ilustración y capacitación científica y editorial. Palabras es la primera empresa mexicana dedicada a la edición y diseño de contenidos educativos y científicos. Nuestros servicios especiales para
New images of an enzyme in action as it interacts with the chromosome could provide important insight into how cells--including cancer cells--regulate their genes.
A new report, released on the preprint server bioRxiv by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, describes the development of an innovative serologic test that could provide a fast, easy, and inexpensive method of detecting high titers of antibody in the
Now, a new study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Center for Computational Biology, Flatiron Institute and published online on the bioRxiv preprint server describes how the use of comparative genomics helps to identify protein-coding and non-coding functional
Researchers from the group of Catherine Robin at the Hubrecht Institute characterized the molecular landscape of the aorta that supports the generation of the first Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) in the embryo.
So-called neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) cause great suffering in some of the world's poorest countries and can lead also to significant economic losses due to, for example, the infestation of animal herds.
Scientists have revealed the first known atomic structure of a 'molecular machine' responsible for installing critical signaling proteins into cellular membranes. The findings shed new light on how this process works, and lay the foundation for potential future therapies for diseases like cancer,
New research from microbiologists has shed light on how the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) -- one of the most common viral infections -- breaks into our cells to cause infection. Researchers discovered that RSV tricks cells into letting it in by essentially ringing a doorbell that calls its
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