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Scientists may have discovered a new way of identifying and targeting hidden HIV viral reservoirs during treatment with antiretroviral therapy (ART). These findings may have translational implications for improving the long-term care of HIV positive people.
Researchers have harnessed the technology to target gene messages (messenger RNA) involved in early vertebrate development.
Scientists have developed a genetically engineered mouse and imaging system that lets them visualize fluctuations in the circadian clocks of cell types in mice. The method gives new insight into which brain cells are important in maintaining the body's master circadian clock. But they say the
La Facultad de Farmacia de la UAEMor CONVOCA a los graduados de Maestrías en alguna de las áreas fundamentales de las Ciencias de la Vida y de la Salud interesados en realizar estudios de doctorado a participar en el proceso de selección para el programa de Doctorado en Farmacia. Los estudiantes
Scientists succeeded in promoting plant growth and increasing seed yield by heterologous expression of protein from Arabidopsis (artificially modified high-speed motor protein) in Camelina sativa, which is expected as a useful plant for biodiesel. The study is expected to apply to other plant
Researchers have found what is perhaps the oldest enzyme in cellular respiration. They have been able to isolate the extremely fragile 'Rnf' protein complex from the heat-loving bacterium Thermotoga maritima. In fact, the genes that encode for the enzyme were already discovered. However, the
Bacteria are survival artists: When they get nutrition, they multiply rapidly, albeit they can also survive periods of hunger.
A novel connection between primordial organisms and complex life has been discovered, as new evidence sheds light on the evolutionary origins of the cell division process that is fundamental to complex life on Earth.
A team of researchers has discovered a new connection between a genetic alteration and social difficulties related to autism: A mutation in the neuroligin-3 gene reduces the effect of the hormone oxytocin. The researchers report on a treatment approach that could normalize social behavior in autism.

El Dr. Ernesto Guerrero Sánchez nos hablará sobre el uso de herramientas de diagnóstico para enfrentar la pandemia por COVID 19.

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