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A new study shows that primary cilia, hair-like protrusions on endothelial cells inside vessels, play an important role in the blood supply and delivery of glucose to the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreatic islets. The findings may be relevant for transplantation therapies in diabetes, as
Viernes, 04 Diciembre 2020 20:08

[fedetab] TAB Solicitud de eritropoyetina (EPO)

Buen día,Soy estudiante del laboratorio del Dr. Felix Recillas Targa del IFC, UNAM. Escribo para solicitar me pudieran regalar algunas unidades de eritropoyetina recombinante humana (EPO) para hacer algunas pruebas
A team led by UT Southwestern has derived a new "intermediate" embryonic stem cell type from multiple species that can contribute to chimeras and create precursors to sperm and eggs in a culture dish.
A new study published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society discusses a steep drop off from prior years in asthma-related emergency department (ED) visits at Boston Children's Hospital during the spring 2020 COVID-19 surge and lockdown.
Xeno nucleic acids are essential for the development of nucleic acid-based drugs. To be effective, they need to be able to stably bind to natural RNA (a cellular single-stranded version of the DNA, which is essential for all body processes). However, it is unclear how, if at all, RNA hybridizes with
Researchers have revealed a previously unknown DNA modification in zebrafish - one of human's distant evolutionary cousins.
"Super-spreader" events and extensive person-to-person contact propelled an outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in a small village in Argentina from 2018-2019, according to research published today in The New England Journal of Medicine.
What makes the elderly and people with underlying conditions more vulnerable to COVID-19? According to a new study, clues can be found in the proteins involved in initiating infection, as the virus binds to host cells of different animals. Greater cellular oxidation with aging and sickness may
Some animals are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection than others, and new research suggests this may be due to distinctive structural features of a protein found on the surface of animal cells.
El Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genómica (Inmegen) se complace en invitarlo a los Seminarios Virtuales de Investigación, que se transmitirán los viernes 4,11 y 18 de diciembre a las 10 hrs.  Los temas que se impartirán son: "Biomarcadores de enfermedad renal asociada a diabetes", "Explorando
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